Exo members reaction to baekhyun dating

Hi, this is the first time i ask for a exo reaction so i do not quite know how it is, i wanted to ask for an exo reaction when he's teasing you under the table when you are at dinner with friends (i hope you understand qe because english is. Exo members profile: exo ideal type, exo facts exo (엑소) currently consist of 9 members: suho, xiumin, lay, baekhyun, chen, chanyeol, do, kai and sehunformer. Plus did you see exo-ls reaction when baekhyun mention grandchildren in party together hell will break loose all over again lets face it a few members are probably dating secretly.

Anonymous sent: exos reaction to you dating in secret and then realizing that they kissed you out in butlic in front of loads of cameras that they didn't notice before. Hi exo questions are welcome, blog run by admins a, vi, t, j, and e requests for questions are open please read the rules and faq before sending in a request hover over the sidebar to find the. Chen: to the members ex “well, now that your witch ass is no longer dating sehun, you may kindly get out of everyone’s way and leave” chanyeol: chases after baekhyun’s ex “do you realize whose heart you just broke.

Exo exo k exo m exo l exo reactions exo reaction kpop kpop reactions kpop reaction baekhyun baekhyun reaction chanyeol chanyeol reaction chen chen reaction jongdae do exo do do reaction kai kai reaction kyungsoo jongin lay lay reaction yixing sehun sehun reaction suho suho reaction. Exo dating door 1 exo dating door 2 exo dating door 3 exo dating door 4 exo dating door 5 6/ resolution so i hope you like this reaction when exo finds out that you write fanfictions -can't believe that you write smut and then like also exo members smut -disgusted and confused af. Exo reaction to their girlfriend doing aegyo and it completely melts their hearts could you do an exo reaction to the members reacting to their gf doing aegyo (when their gf doesn’t usually do it) and. 35m followers, 0 following, 352 posts - see instagram photos and videos from exo official (@weareoneexo.

Love & friendship exo boyfriend sehun suho more kris tao chanyeol baekhyun luhan kai lay chen xiumin kyungsoo report ♥ add to library 520. Exo reacting to anyone of the members dating: yay another chapter with all of them :) after the reaction i want you to do something requested yes. Exo’s reaction to their little sister dating a member from seventeen yehetanotherexoblog: sehun: no fucks were given that day kai: “aren’t you a bit too young to be dating anyone. Exo’s reaction to dating their best friend baekhyun honestly with baek, if you guys were best friends, y’all probably would’ve been best friends with benefits like most of the other members you’re relationship wouldn’t change the most that would change is that there would be more pda and a lot more time in the bedroom kai.

Exo reaction to dating a noona gifs not mine reaction masterlist anonymous said: could you do an exo reaction to them dating a noona (older girl. Baekhyun and you were dating and you guys were going to hang out with rest of the exo members at their dorm you guys played games, watched movies and ate some really delicious foods that do made you were going to sleep at their dorms for a while because your parents were going on a vacation. Dating exo members series oh sehun sehun scenario #minseok smut #minseok reaction #junmyeon smut #junmyeon reaction #yixing smut #yixing reaction #baekhyun smut #baekhyun reaction #jongdae smut #jongdae reaction #chanyeol smut #chanyeol reaction #kyungsoo smut 8 months ago with 694 notes. In earlier news (19/06/2014): sm entertainment has confirmed that both exo’s baekhyun and girls’ generation’s taeyeon are dating an sm rep from the agency responded to media outlets. Exo's reaction when one of their family members thinks your pretty an try and make a move ))) luhan: after his cousin tries to chat you up he pouts quietly for the rest of the night kris: tries to imagine you dating his family nah suho: uh oh my brother has just as much money as me this is bad exo's reaction when you try and.

[requests are closed] hey guys this is an exo gif reaction blog as you can see before requesting anything please read the rules i do not own any of the gifs, the gifs belong to their rightful owners (who i really want to thank, because i. Exo angst reaction most recent most popular most recent filter by post type decided to dedicate their dating life to worshipping exo imagine exo imagines exo scenarios exo scenario exo fic exo fics exo fanfic exo fanfics exo fanfiction baekhyun smut baekhyun exo baekhyun byun baekhyun baekhyun fluff baekhyun angst baekhyun. Hi everyone i'm back with a new video, while waiting for my chen try not to fangirl challenge :) i made a little compilation of exo members (exo-m and exo-k) talking. Lay: watchs it with the other exo members embarassed and i have bragged about how my girlfriend loves my dimples kai: but i thought she loved my bronze skin and my abs but she betrayed me with xiumin hyungs abs.

Baekhyun is in the middle of the exo members, the oldest ones were born in '90 snsd debuted younger than exo, though (i think exo. I was coming from my high school graduation and decided to open twitter and the first things see is dispatch news taeyeon and baekhyun dating. Exo reaction to returning from the military service to see his wife and a child he didn’t know about (baekhyun chanyeol, kai) exo reaction to cheating on you but then regretting it (baekhyun, kai, sehun.

Xiumin[kim minseok] you were on idol room with your group and exo you were told by your manager that you should keep a low on your skinship, quote on quote, “especially with xiumin” why because you guys are dating however you both have not come out into the public yet you believed that you were doing pretty well until you were all talking about exo. Baekhyun - baekhyun has been dating you, chanyeols sibling ever since chanyeol found out he’s been inviting you to every little activity they do, hoping that baekhyun will make a fool out of himself, which he does on occasions, making. Exo reaction to finding out you used to date a member of bts “anon requested: “bts reaction to finding out you used to date a member of exo” i would really love to ask for the answer the other way.

Exo members reaction to baekhyun dating
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